MatchNova is a Web3 Social Gaming APP.
The core game play is based upon PvP match3 games.
Users need to equip themselves with non-fungible token (NFT) characters to play the game and earn rewards in the form of game tokens which can either be used in the game or cashed out for profit.
Free play is also available for limited times per day. Free play will also earn a small amount of tokens but some in-app functions may be restricted.
Currently, the monthly active user (MAU) of match3 globally is over 500 million. MatchNova aims to utilize blockchain and smart contracts to gain access to this population and provide users a fun and exhilarating gaming experience!
In MatchNova, not only will skilled players be rewarded, regular players can be rewarded too with the help of our luck system. The game will have a short learning curve and ultimately target both the novice and professional players alike.
Note: MatchNova is currently under public beta test stage, so contents in this Whitepaper could be changed regularly. We will update any changes in the change log section.
Last modified 2mo ago